Friday, June 21, 2013

Thursday, June 20, 2013

It IS Sense Of WONDER Camp!

On the Eve of Summer Solstice, we rise for our fourth day; representing the element EARTH and the direction NORTH.

From Starhawk's Spiral Dance, "The North is considered the most powerful direction.  Because the sun never reaches the norther hemisphere, it is the direction of Mystery, of the unseen.  The North Star is the center, around which the skies revolve.  Altars face North in the Craft.  North corresponds to Earth, to the body, to midnight, winter, brown, black, and the green of vegetation.  From the North comes the power to keep silent, to listen as well as speak, to keep secrets, to know what not to say."

Here are some of the gifts from Mother Nature and the creations the girls made from Air/East (dream catchers) and  Fire/South (Shakers) as well as some visitors that called us to listen with our deer ears, see with our owl eyes, touch with our racoon hands and smell with our dog noses.